In Situ Dynamic Balancing


Out-of-balance machine components are a principal cause of machinery vibration, vibration that means increased maintenance and reduced machine life.

The condition often is caused by less-than-perfect manufacturing, and it is routine for rotating equipment, reciprocating machines and vehicles. Mass balancing may be necessary if an operation or product requires quiet operation, high speeds, long bearing life, operator comfort, controls free of malfunctioning or a quality feel.

One of the main types of field balancing instruments are digital analyzers.

Digital analyzers generally use a photoelectric sensor for phase measurement that is safe because the operator can stand back.. They combine measurement and calculation. Condition Monitoring Ltd.

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uses the CSI 2130 or the CSI 2140 or the CSI ULTRASPEC 8117 (both up to 2 plane balancing) in conjunction with Laser Tacho.

With either type of instrument, the knowledge and experience of the instrument operator is the most important factor in achieving good results. It is vitally important for these individuals to be able to recognize a non-balance problem and abandon the balance job in favor of some other solution.

Imbalance can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Improper manufacture,
  • An uneven build up of debris on the rotors/vanes/blades,
  • Or the addition of shaft fittings without an appropriate counter balancing procedure.
  • With pumps, uneven wear on impellers is indicated as imbalance.
  • Damaged – broken / missing parts
  • Repair

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